For My Country Pakistan



Main Khud me Pakistan hun

Bazurgon ka farman hun

KASHMIR ka armaan hun

Main Shuja’at-e-BURHAAN hun

Haan! Main hi to Pakistan hun

Quaid ka paigham hun

IQBAL ka main khawaab hun

ARFA ki ooran hun

Azmat-o-jurat ka nishaan hun

Main to PAKISTAN hun

Shaheen-e-IQBAL hun

main bulandiye parwaz hun

Sabar ka main inaam hun

Har dil ka main armaan hun

Me to PAKISTAN hun

Dehqaano ka chaman hun

Shaheedon ka watan hun

Main khud me lal-e-yaman hun

Haan! Main hi PAKISTAN hun

Main aik gul-e-bahar hun

Ulfat by shumaar hun

Umeedo sy sir shaar hun

Nasloon ka mu’maar hun

Aik Dastaan Lazaawaal hun

Haan! Main to me PAKISTAN hun

Rabiya butt


Eid Mubarik..

Eid mubarik to all muslims in the world.. ❤

May Almighty Lord bless all of us with divine bliss.May Allah Almighty bless us with health,wealth,success,prosperity,happiness,love,care,joys,smiles,respect and every thing which we desire in a very long life full with the divine blessings..ameen.

Rabiya Rizwan Butt ❤

Ramazan Mubarik

There is no doubt all months have their own importance and significance but as the name of RAMAZAN  come to my mind , a very  peaceful and charming picture of life appear at the screen of mind. Ramadan-ul-mubarik is the most holy month of the Islamic calendar. This month has its own importance  and blessings. It’s very dear to every Muslim in the world .

Ramadan is that month when the Holy book of Muslims ‘’QURAN’’  revolutionized on the Holy Prophet (salalaho alaihi wasalam).It’s that month when Muslims can get the Divine blessings .Muslims do fasting for  the whole of the month as before the sun rise they do  ‘’SEHRI’’ a type of breakfast  and then  do ‘’AFTARI’’ after sun set with the call of prayer MAGHRIB .They remain hungry and thirsty all the day for the willingness of Allah Almighty.

Before the promulgation of Islam, Fast was a part of many religions. Jews do fasting , Christians do fasting before Ester ,Hindus do fasting as they call it ‘’WARAT’’. There are some facts about fasting for a month as:

  • First of all, it’s a way to know the miseries, hardships of those poor and needy people who are present in our surroundings but we never ever have any kind of concern about them in our daily routine life.
  • Secondly, It’s a way to go near to them and know them more closely more deeply. There are some persons who don’t have enough food to make both ends meal .It’s a very good chance to observe their pains and sufferings.
  • Thirdly, It’s a way to enhance one’s patience .one have to tolerate things which one’s don’t like or want in one’s life.
  • It’s not only a name to restrain your-self from eating or drinking anything. As Almighty Lord don’t want our hunger or thirst. He observe our love, patience and obediency for His orders.
  • During fasting, one restrain one’s self from doing all those things which Allah Almighty don’t like .One consider many ‘’HALAL ‘’ things on one’s self as HARAM for the sake of Allah during fast.
  • It’s a good chance to produce humbleness and sovereignty .Its a chance to awake the slept humanity in our selves.
  • You have a pocket book full of money ,even if you are a millionaire ,you are not allowed to eat anything during fast or you can’t do anything which hurts some-one.You have to bear things and produce tolerance in your-self just for the sake of you Lord.
  • It’s a kind of Jahad (war) between you and your heart.It’s an exam of your firm determination and strong faith on Allah Almighty.

You are alone and no one is present around you to see your acts but even then you have to control your-self thinking that Allah is always present with you.You’re not fasting to show the world but you are keeping your fast to agree your God ,to attain His blessings and willings.

We are present on dining table before ten-fifteen minutes about AFTAAR ,your tongue ,lips and throat is dry completely as you want just one drop of water which is present in front of you but you are not willing to touch anything .you don’t want to do corruption with your fast even for only for a minute ,you just wait for the sound ALLAHO AKBAR with patience and at that moment you realize the value of those countless blessings which you never ever care for.Isn’t it?

It’s not only a month of patience and tolerance but also a month of love, care, blessings and to feel the sufferings of others. It’s a month of humanity. It’s not only a month but also a chance to realize the things and sufferings which we can’t realize with our filled bellies.It’s a month to spread happiness and smiles on other’s face when you do charity (I’ll write about ZAKAT soon)

It’s not wrong to say that faith and humanity is not completely vanish from the world . Just a question arise in my mind  why all the months are not Ramadan ???? What do you think about that???

Ramazan mubaril to all of you.May Allah bless all of us with His divine blessings and give us a chance to be thankful to Him… ameen..


Rabiya Rizwan Butt ❤




More humans less humanity

Last Saturday, I was in my college van and struck in the heavy traffic. That was my exam week and I was in hurry to reach at home and do preparations for my next exam that was of Botany and a lot of stuff was there to study. I was thinking a lot of things at the same time as I was planning my time table according to the syllabus. My eyes were moving restlessly here and there but there was something outside the window, something that filled my heart with pain and my eyes with tears. I could not keep control on myself and left the van with great hurry and reached at the spot.

You may think that what was outside that shocked me. When I was seeing outside, I have a glance at two children. Boy and a small girl with him. That boy was about four feet in height and mal-nutritious in appearance as I can count his ribs bones at a distance without any difficulty because he was shirtless and in a small shorts. His feet were shoeless and filthy with dirt.

He was searching something in the dustbin. You can see many children of six-sixteen years with a garbage bag on their back at roads and in streets of our cities and towns. These bags are heavier and large than their own-selves. As I was thinking that small boy was also searching some plastic bags or other stuff in that garbage but I was stunned at the sight.

I’m almost speechless to describe that scene in words. I may capture that scene but I was certainly helpless to capture that pain.

That boy put his hands in the filthy dustbin and when he put them out, there were some rotted bananas in his hands .He gave that completely spoiled bananas to the girl and said her to eat them. I left my van and reached to him in no time. I asked him that why were he giving that rotten bananas to that girl?

He told me that she was hungry and he was her brother. I was shocked, it was all beyond my tolerance. My eyes teemed-up with tears. I said him not to eat that rotten bananas. I saw a hawker selling fresh bananas there. As I moved towards that vendor to buy few bananas for that siblings but when I saw back at the road there was nobody at the road. A great hustle and bustle of traffic and humans were there but they were lost in the crowd.

I was feeling at that time as I’m living in a world which have billions of human beings but lost humanity. The matter of thought is that the future of the nation have not much importance than that dustbin.

Are not we standing on the verge of chaos once again?

Are we forget about the anger of Almighty Lord on past nations?

Are we still able to call civilized human beings?

And how many flowers  will ruin in this cruel world?

It’s a time to thought about that we are moving towards destruction gradually.

Rabiya Butt..

Positive Attitude Towards Life

An year ago,I always thought ,”Why it’s me?

Why all the troubles and hurdles are only for me??

Why Almighty Allah wants to see me suffered by all these troubles?

I always thought that I’m an un-wanted person who is worthless in this world.My days passed in disappointment and frustration.I was an extremist person and all the time absurd thoughts entangled my mind badly.It’s very difficult for me to get rid of them.Depression of whole day never prove a good symptom for any one.

As a whole,I reached at my wrist end and totally cut-off my-self from this selfish and cruel world.I became a book worm.Every day a new book became a friend of mine.All my day passed in study and whenever I would have some time I read historical,religious books but that depression never leaves me alone.61-quran-quotes-an-nahl-16-18

Short conversations with fellows and observations towards the world proved me that garden of innocents now rusted with selfishness.The human being of this so called ”modern era” needs to ”Being Human”.Humanity is vanished from this garden.Now people get pleased to see you ruined under their feet.I thought what to do with me?Am I bad or this world?Why was I born?The biggest regret i have ever in my life was that why was i born as a girl?Why i’m not a boy? Why I’m not a part of a happy family?Why I lost my dad ? Why circumstances came to at my wrist end?Why nobody loves me?…As a whole you can say me a psycho who had many imaginary regrets and then weeping on them was her favorite hobby.My self became a question mark for me.

A lot of smiles came to my face when I think about all these passed things.How insane was me.In last two years,a sudden turn came to my life.A lot of changes came into my self in which the best change was in my thoughts.My negativeness converts into positiveness and I would become strong.I start to face the world .I realize a concern that if you want to be strong ,learn to fight alone.I realize that it does not matter what others think about you.It’s your life not others.So, I should do what I want to do not what others want to see.

As a consequence my all absurd thoughts vanish and world become a love-able place for me.What happened if nobody wants or loves me.I put my self in love with all the creatures of my merciful Lord.A permanent smile sticks on the face of that girl who have nothing to do but weeping.I thought,”I’m alone”. but i realize that i’m not.

A voice came from the core of my heart,there is one who never ever leaves me alone,who blessed me with countless capabilities and loves me infinite.He can do what he want to do.He says me to tell my all problems to Him and He’ll prepare a new pathway for me and never ever lost me in this blind world.Then,Why I’m un-thankful and frustrated?

I simply wipe out my tears and say to Him that how much I love Him.How much I’m thankful to be a love for Him.O my Almighty merciful Allah.Yeah! I love you from the core of my heart.I’m thankful to you for all those things,capabilities and blessings which you shower on me without my question.Thanks for creating me a complete human being.I know that you always love me and never ever leave me alone.You are enough for me.


Rabiya Butt.


Mery Shoq ki Na Tu Baat Kar.. <3

Wo naseeb kesa naseeb tha,Us naseeb ki na tu baat kar,
Tery sath guzra jo waqt tha,Us waqt ki na tu bat kar…

Tera alwida mujhy kehna,tera mur kar na phir daikhna..
Wo jo lafz tha tera akhri,Us lafz ki na tu baat kar…

Tu juda howa me wohen raha,Aik lamha bhi na chal ska..
Wo jo safr tha tera akhri Us safr ki na tu bat kar…

Wo jo dil tha mera ajeeb sa,wo bhi sath mery na reh ska,,
Wo jo sans thi meri akhri Us sans ki na tu baat kar…

Mery qalam ny jo kuch likha ,tujhy khud perh kar na suna ska,,
Mera qalam mera raqeeb tha,mery RAQEEB ki na tu baat kar…

Wo tera wadaa-e-shab yad hai,wo kabhi rat meri na kat ski..
Wo jo khawab tha mera khushnuma,Us khawab ki na tu bat kar..

Wo jo aina tha tery roobro usi ainy me hai tu hoobahoo..
Mera mashgula hai usy daikhna,mery shoq ki na tu baat kar..

Rabiya Butt

Women’s Role..


Now a days,women are playing a vital role in the progress of a country and nation.They are working in every field of life whether it is teaching,engineering,medicine, literature,Army,business or accountant officer etc.World needs their workings for the inauguration of new pathways for the upcoming generations.

That time gone when a woman was skilled only with house-holding knowledge and all of their life passed in these daily casual workings.I’m regretful that these women have no ambition in life except to wake up early in the morning and clean the house then,make breakfast for their whole family and then see all the day T.v dramas and do back-bitings of their neighbor-hood and shed tears on their imaginary problems.I ever think that if it would be a purpose of a women’life?Almighty Allah made her same like man.My lord is a very fair judge.He gives both of them same capabilities .

Allah command justice and fair dealings.(Quran 16;90).

Yeah! I know that there is some limitations for a girl in this world and I don’t think so that these limits and boundaries are wrong for her.It’s the basic need of the feminism but it does not mean that she have to live her life useless.As when she was on the death bed and thinks what she did in her whole life.There would be nothing just to increase the population of this already heavily populated world.

There are girls like Arfa Karim Randhawa whom the whole nation feels proud.There were a flood of tears in every Pakistani’s eyes at her death in 2012.May Allah Almighty rest her in peace and give her high rank in heaven.She was the real daughter of the nation.She was given a very short time period by my merciful Lord but she proved that female can do every-thing as done by a male.

There are a lot of examples of those women who get fame in this scientific world by doing a lot of workings which can’t be denied.Nation love those gorgeous and talented ladies.Every person has a hidden talent in him-self.There is just a bit need to explore that talent.

Some people are dead but their characters has kept them alive while other’s are alive but their character has killed them.

Women should be armed with the weapons of knowledge and education. That’s the basic need of present era.They should get admissions in educational institutes for the polishing and exploring the talent hidden in them-selves.They do jobs in every field of life.Women should be work hard to create their place in this fast moving society.A woman can’t depend completely on any-body neither on her father,brother nor on her husband.She has to do some-thing for her own-self,for her nation, for her country and for this world.She has to fulfill the purpose of her birth.

I think in our society the purpose of a woman’s life get accomplished when others feel proud to have her.When suddenly the difference between a son and a daughter came to an end. That’s the most beautiful words of a daughter’s life when her parents say,’’Yeah! She is my daughter but for me she is more than a son. I’m proud of her.’’

There is no tool for development more effective than empowerment of women

I just want to convey a message to all those women who think that they are nothing with-out a man. Then, it’s a wrong attitude.You can do every-thing in this world.Islam is a very broad religion.It gives both genders same equality then why women are thought to be a worthless creature in front of a man?You all have to ask this question to your own self and I think you’ll get the answer very well.


Stay Blessed always 🙂

Rabiya Butt 🙂