Do It.

God gives all of us a single life.Million of years ago,this world came into existence.How many persons born and die each second ,minute ,hour ,day, week,month or year etc in this world???

Have you ever think that where are you?? Who are you??

I may tell you a thing that we are like a drop of water in an ocean.Just imagine your-self as that drop of water which came in this world,fell on the ground from the clouds on the sky.If a mollusk open its shell and preserve that drop ,it will change into a pearl.Other-wise ,a single drop has no importance as if we see in front of a huge ocean.

One day ,you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you have always wanted to do it now.               (Paulo Coelho ).


Life is like a race.You have to enjoy this race, have to struggle for it.You don’t have to be less important or worthy of being forgotten for the world.No body wants that his/her name die with the death of his/her body.They want to make it alive forever in the hearts of people,in the history of the world.World remember them with love ,respect and pray for their souls.They want to give some-thing new to this world.

Nobody wants to be like that drop which falls on the ground and vanish instead wants to be like that drop which preserve by the shell and change into a noble,rarer pearl.If you are born ordinary or grow ordinary is not your fault but if you die ordinary it’s your fault.You have to be make your-selfas a bird who flies  and do gliding all over the sky.

I want to be like Eagle who don’t make a nest for himself but only flies all over the sky as it is his home.His purpose is to struggle for the best not to sit idle.Therefore,he is called the king of the birds.

Devote your-self to an idea.Go make it happen.Struggle on it.Smile.Over-come your fears.Don’t you forget this is your dream.

Every person who earn respect,success and fame in this world was not born as a celebrity but they struggle for it and prove their-selves.It’s your life ,you own this ,nobody else will be responsible for it.Your dreams are seen by you not any body else who come and fill colors in them.

If you want that dreams come true,struggle for them as much as you can. Remember! you are called ”Crown Of Creations”.You can do every thing which you want.You should never loose your heart ,if you will be weak at any point,you will have to loose your goals,your aim of life.

Never think that what others think about your acts or you?Simply focus your own dreams ,your own goals.World is a worshiper of a rising sun.When you will be successful, achieve your ambition, all those persons who taunt you or hurt you ever will praise you for your dreams,your achievements.

They want to see you doing good but never better than them. Remember that.


I want to realize a concern in my articles that nothing is impossible in this world as the word ”impossible” says itself that ”I’M POSSIBLE”.Then,how can you loose your heart and say that how can i do it???. Instead you should have to say that ever ”Yes! I can do it”.

I hope you will definitely do it.You have to live your dreams not your fears.Then,what concern prevents you from filling colors in your dreams.Best of luck 🙂

Rabiya Butt. 🙂


Be Strong In Your-self

We see many persons in our life.Some of them attract us and last a great impact on our personality.Sometimes,there are some moments in our life that become a memory ,a happy sweet memory for us.Whenever we remember it ,a cute smile un-conciously come to our face.

But we know that every coin has two sides.One side has brighter color while the other one has darker color.There are also some grieves,sorrows with happiness and joys.There are some good happenings as well as mis-happenings.We can’t deny this reality.

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You’ll never be brave,If you don’t get hurt.

You’ll never learn ,if you don’t make mistakes.

You’ll never be successful ,if you don’t encounter failure.

We can see more than six billion people in this  world.All are human belong to same species but it’s nature’s mystery that every individual is different in his self from all others.As he has his own DNA ,his own finger prints even he has his own habits and nature.You can’t impose your thinking on others because they have their own..You just impress them with your logic.

Every person has its own unseen untold story,his own experience about life that he can only shares to others but i want to realize a concern to all of you that you see how many persons after knowing your problems say,”We can feel your pain ,can understand what you bear,we’re with you”.

I never understand a thing in my whole life that if you get injured or you have a cut on your hand.That pain can feel only by you .no body else can feel it as in the same way as you can.Yeah! many of your beloved ones certainly say they can feel it as you can but the bitter reality is they can’t.

Life goes on whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the un-known or stay behind ,locked in the past,thinking of what could have been.

If you’re crying in-front of you near or dear ones,they say you to stop crying there heart get smashed by your tears but wait for a moment and think they want that you may stop crying because they are suffering not because they are with you in that pain.

This world is very cruel.If you’ll not defend your self it will crush you in a way that you are nothing.I often realize a concern that a strong person is not the one who don’t cry but the one who cry for a moment and then take his sword and again start fight with his problems with new enthusiasm.

If you want to be strong you have to struggle for your survival alone.You came in this world alone ,will go back alone one day then forget about these worldly attachments.Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don’t even deserve to be an issue in your life.just_live-wallpaper-1280x720

You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.


Rabiya Butt. 🙂

Dreams Give Hope

All of us have many dreams about our life.These dreams change as we grown up.In childhood,some of us saw dreams of chocolates,candies or other things,while some saw dreams to be first in class,in race,in different competitions.As we grown up our priorities get change with time.73682d05371ed712fe147c3bc7819ad4

I always remain in the list of those who have many dream.I realize a concern that those dreams which you see, fulfill by your own-self depend upon your courage always come true but the dreams in which you relate some one never comes true.

If you desire,desire for the moon.If you fall,you’ll fall among the stars.

Life is like a race if you want to succeed in this race you have to be a dreamer.First you should saw a dream then,wish it and finally do it. I think nothing is impossible in this world.As the world IMPOSSIBLE say itself as I’M POSSIBLE.Then why we lose our spirits to think that we can’t do that or it’s not in our approach????images

God gives us brain and intellectual to explore the world to create a difference in our-selves after knowing the reality of this world.We are called Crown of Creations because of our thinking ability,our intelligence and our spirits.How can we say that i’m tired through this life.It is too much difficult??

All winners are dreamers but all dreamers are not winners.Make the difference.

If it is difficult we can make it easier through our hard-workings.As i hear a proverb that door will be open at continuous knocking.We should knock at the door of success one day nature will open it for us.

Sometimes life becomes too much difficult.At that time, only one thing gives us strength.If you want to be strong then learn to fight alone.your dreams gives you hope ,that hope which is like a new shine of life.

If you can dream it,

you can become it..

Be a dreamer and struggle for them alone if you want to achieve your goals otherwise others spoil your dreams because the dreams which are valuable for you will never has the same value or importance as by you.

Best of luck 🙂

Rabiya Butt



Be Happy

Happiness is the secret of all beauty ,there is no beauty without happiness.      Christian Dior.

Some times we feel depress without any reason.We fed up with our daily routine as this routine suddenly seems valueless to us.We want to do some thing extra ordinary,some thing un-usual, un-common but as the same thing i often mention in my articles, our old traditions and values bound us to some limit while we want to be limitless in exploring the world.

This world is too big to our thinking ability keeps a lot of secrets and charms in it.It is said that:

Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.  (Walt whitman)

I often want to do something un-common,my heart forces me to break all the limits,old false traditions,terms and values.As it seems so irritating to me that why we follow the same thing while we know that is not right,we have to follow them just because these are the traditions of our forefathers.Why we have to follow them.why???

We are educated by our parents just because they want us to differentiate between right and wrong,to find the difference between good and bad,to understand us which thing is better for us.Then why these traditions which are meaningless bound our feet when we know the difference,when our souls enlighten with the right path.Why we said to close our eyes and follow the path that leads towards hell??

How can we jump into fire just because it seems beautiful to us have different colors ,while we know the real thing that it is harmful for us ,can burn every thing??

If you have dreams ,your own wishes and we want to attain them.Then,do whatever you want to do,be what ever you want to be not what others want to see you.You have to live your own life given to you just once so live it with full spirit and zeal and say good bye to your fears and any thing which bounds you and forced you not to move towards your dreams,your life.Just remain always be happy and blessed.


Rabiya Butt