O Son of Adam


O, Crown of creations!

Where are you ??

Have you existence??

Where that man lost.

The leader of world..

A strange world is there…

World of sorrows and grieves…

Clouds of temptations and greediness ..

Rainfall of tears and deceives……

Is this your world, the world of Leaders..

Is this your soil, the soil of Adam’s son..

Where can I find you!!

Where are you?? Who are you??


All the praises of the world are for you..

Trees, Plants, Birds and animals..

All are your creations…

bless us the knowledge which lost..

Return us civilization which lost…

Awake the Man who slept..


O Crown of creations!!

Thrown creatures from heaven..

Have you existence..??                                 (Rabiya Butt)



Lost Childhood

We all have some beautiful memories of our childhood but some of us never enjoyed it.They are small innocent flowers of this cruel world’s garden but they are ruined by the whirlwind of problems which they faced in very early age.As the age in which they should have no care about the problems of the world,they become so much mature and give financial support to their families by finishing their own wishes,their own dreams.

I miss being a little kid with no stress,worries and care in the world.

09-23-2013childlabourA few days earlier,I was wandering on the roads of my city.I saw two innocent kids of seven-eight years old with a bag of garbage on their backs.They were not too much healthy,have a normal height,curled hairs,dusty feet with no shoes.One of them stood near a car parked on the road and started staring a kid sat in the car,eating ice-cream.

There was a kind of regret in his eyes.I realized his heart was crying with no sound two small pearls came out of his eyes.That was a heart-touching moment for me.I didn’t know when that tears move into my eyes.Suddenly,the owner of the car came from some-where and insulted the child badly and warned him to stay away from the car.Is a car more important than a child???

Owner threatened him badly as a result he got frightened and slowly moved away from his car.Then,the other flower came to him ,who was according to me,his friend, and laid his arm around his shoulders and said,”Friend ! you didn’t have any kind of need to go near the car.They are rich persons.These cars and luxuries are not made for us.Let’s go back to home”.

I was at my wits end to listen that words from them.Those words forced me to think why that luxuries and facilities were not made for them??God made all creatures with equality.We are called “Crown Of Creations”.Why we make many differences on the basis of caste,color and creed in His creations. Isn’t it wrong????

I want to go back to believing in every thing and knowing nothing at all.


After some days,I saw a child of six-seven years old wandering on the road in the early morning near 5’o clock.That was the time when we enjoyed a wonderful and peaceful sleep in our luxurious houses.I was shocked to saw him at that time with a bag,not of books,but of garbage on his back.He was collecting useless things which we thrown on the road at night.

That kid was so cute,innocent,dark brown hairs and white color with dark brown shiny eyes but dreamless.Some kind of undescribeable depression or you may call it a complex in his eyes.I was in hurry.So,I came back at home,got ready for my college but all the day that face moved in front of my eyes and kept me restless.

In the evening,I was walking along the foot path and saw the same child with a book sitting near the road in the lightening of a restaurant.He was completely lost in his book and read it full attentively without noticing his surroundings.

As Graham greene said:-

There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and let the future in.


1558179_634851060872543750I realize a concern that day every face in this world has some unseen,untold story behind him.Nature never offers you success in a plate.you have to struggle for it.We’re all carbon,It’s depend on us whether we change our carbon with the heat of hard work into a diamond or not.

Rabiya Butt

Memorable Day

Last Friday was one of the most memorable day of my life.I love to visit new places,want to see the whole world to expose the secrets of nature and see the inner mystery of the world.I’m a student.A tough routine is managed by me all over the day.

We’re mature now.So,can’t do such fun as done in our childhood. Now,different kind of fears and internal thoughts make us worry.Instead of living our dreams we’re living our fears.

In all our life, we thought what people say about us when they saw our childish attitude but when we spent all our life and getting old ,then we realize that all are busy in their own lives .Nobody cares about us.At that moment a voice came from our heart, Alas! if we do that at that time life would be more charming ,more colorful but time never wait for any body.Time is the only thing which never do friendship with any body.

Anyhow come to the point,Last Friday there was welcome party in my college.All of the students performed very well.Some students were too much talented.They performed their roles very delicately that involuntarily hands arose to clap and encouraged them.Some students done parody of their teachers very well.My friends and also me participated in a skit.

I think the most memorable people of life are friends who loved you when you’re not very lovable.It does not matter what some one is born but what they grow to be! nobody will be happy if he does not thinks so.

As after enjoying different performances,prize distributed to different students.As I also got prize because of showing good result in last three months progress report.Such an honorable moment for me.I also took part in art competition and made a model of my college and a house model of crystal. Every body encouraged me and liked them ,that was a pleasing thing for me.

Then we all went to joy land.After a long time enjoyed many swings and did boating with my fellows.A perfect day was that indeed,fully enjoyed by me.My fellows ,friends and teachers made it memorable for me.

Thanks to all my lovely friends,sweet fellows and prestigious teachers.

Rabiya Buttimages (1)


Every individual born in his world for a reason.We born in this world with the purity of heart and soul.Allah Almighty gives us distinguished intellectual and understandings with the nature.Nothing created useless in this world.

Nature gives every individual with same level of intellectual.It’s all depends upon us whether we polish it with our hardworking or make it corrosive with our carelessness.There is a reason behind every happening in this world.These galaxies,climates and our surroundings make us curious about life.IMG-20150515-WA0028

In this present era,whole world is in a race.World is divided in to three sets.Firstly,the developed countries.secondly,developing countries and third one is called third world.Developed countries are already present 200 years more advanced than us.It’s upon us whether we lessen this gap or increase it.

We all live in this world.So,we all have some responsibilities towards our world.There is a race of knowledge and success.We all take participate in this race but if you are participating in this race just for fun.Then,it’s my humble request to you to leave the racing track and join the line of those who can’t do any thing by their ownself just criticize others.

The world may have a defeciency of jewelers but definitely there is no defeciency of diamonds.Allah Almighty gives you a carbon.It’s depends upon you whether you change your carbon into a diamond with hardwork or remain in the raw form always.Beautiful-Rain-Falling-Wallpaper

Every person have some dreams,some wishes about his life.As it is said that:-

If you can think it .You can achieve it.If you can dream it,you can become it.

Dreams are not those which we see with closed eyes but those which make us strong,determined with a strong will power,force us to work hard not to sleep.All winners are dreamers but all dreamers are not winners.

Set a goal for yourself and do your best to get it in any case whatever situation is.You just have to attain your ambition.If you desire,desire for the moon,if you fall you’ll fall among the stars.Best of luck to all of you to start a new beginning because there’s always a pioneer who starts and open new pathways for others.So,don’t hesitate to start it just do it with a new spirit and zeal.

Rabiya butt

Child labour

Child labour is a common thing in Asia.It’s very common in our factories,shops,buissness centres.Chidren are also seems to be in a working state at the filling stations,bakeries,hotels and offices.It is available in all developing and poor countries.

Poor parents can’t afford to  send their children to school for education.Poverty haunts one home or other.In order to meet daily expenses of life,they send their children to earn money.In this way,they add to their income.

Child labour is a crime.Children are not to make for work.They are the flowers of heaven.

They are created by Allah to know the secrets of world,learn them and explore them.They are not made to wake up early in the morning with a bag .not of books.but of wastage and collect all the waste material from the roads thrown by us in the night.download

Child labour is the peak of cruelty.Innocent child of 4 to 5 years collecting wasteful material from the road,bear the hardships of life and we pretend to be blind that we can’t see them.

In the fields the feudal lords employ children for the cultivation of their fields and marketing of their production.They pay to children a very mearge amount of wages.If they don’t cooperate,their parents are punished and beaten by their land lords.

They are abused and beaten badly by their land lords if they become abit careless in their words.Tey are forced to lead a life of sorrows and pain.They are insulted and punished badly as the rich ones forget that they are not God.One God is present to see all of us ,to see their unjustice.

I think we’e become too much selfish,just see our problems while they are not too big as needy or poors.Small innocent children have some wishes,some dreams,some emotions but our carelessness ruined the future of our country.

In our country and all other developing countries there exist a law against child labour but they don’t get any kind of relief through this law.The labour department is to bribed to remain silent about the condition.download (1)

Child labour can be brought to an end when large scale social and economic reforms take place in our society.Poverty should be made to an end.There should be no fear of dying with starvation.There should be as many as scholarships for poor and needy brilliant students.

Education acquisition is the right of every individual.We must help the poors and needy so they should meet their daily needs and not send their innocent flowers towards the trash of the world.The garden of World need the fragrance of these innocent and cute flowers.

Rabiya Butt




Privatization of Murray College Sialkot

Allama Muhammad Iqbal is our beloved national poet.A great leader of nation on which we all feel proud.Pakistan is our beloved country which we get after a long struggle.Many martyrs shed their blood to get this homeland for their next generations.

We love our country as well as our national heroes.Iqbal is one of them.Iqbal was born in Sialkot. Therefore,Sialkot is called as the Iqbal city.He got his education there.Murray college is that college from where Iqbal started his poetry.images (1)

As today’s issue is about the privatization of Murray college Sialkot.It’s regretful to know that government of Pakistan which claims to love country’s historical and cultural places,why take this kind of step??

Questions arise ,why Chief minister of Punjab is not taking any kind of step to stop it’s privatization??Why he signed on the papers of it’s privatization?? As it’s the voice of Punjab government that acquisition of education is the basic right of all and they are empowering youth through technology.Then.government violates it’s own ambition.

It is the right of every individual to get education and the responsibility of government to provide them education at affordable fee structure.Education is thought as the ladder of success in every field of life.

Future of 6000+ students is crumbling between yes or no,who are enrolled in Murray college Sialkot. There are enrolled a large quantity of those students who belongs to middle class.Whole family income of mostly students is below fifty thousand.Mostly students are those who afford their own expenses by doing part time jobs and their guardians can’t afford their study expenses.

They pay the fee structure of 4000/semester.How can they pay a fee structure of 1,50,000/semester as their family income is below fifty thousand.

Murray college is an institute of Iqbal, college of our beloved poet,a memory of our great leader.Who gives the right to government to play with the future of 6000+ students.Present era is the era of democracy.The government of people ruled on people selected by the people.Nation is with their sons and daughters,Iqbal’s shaheen.

Dear Chief minister of Punjab,you like to call yourself as a servant of Punjab.It is the youth whom you love.The future of Iqbal’s eagles is on a stake.Kindly don’t take the step of privatization of Murray college Sialkot.The future of more than six thousand students is in your hand.23307425

Rabiya Butt


Superstition is the religion of feeble minds.It is a believe that has no basis in religion.It’s the daughter of ignorance and fear.A tree is judged by it fruits and fruits of superstition are all evil.It has been responsible for a vast amount of cruelty,misery and madness.

Superstitions are many and they vary with nations and localities in  kind and degree.In Asia and Africa,people are perhaps more superstitious than they are in the European countries.Certain things and moments are think to bring good luck and others are thought to be ominous.We’ll find it in all over the world.superstitions-moon

In our country,Superstitions are also common.The appearance of a cat at the time of journey is always thought evil.Some old man and woman thought to have super natural powers.The belief in the witch is widespread.The screeching of owl and ravens is thought to be a bad omen.Ghosts stories are common in our villages.

The illiterate villagers are more superstitious than educated persons.Superstitions always hamper the progress of people.Giant still stalk in our forests .Ghosts,spirits and fairs are still common in the modern world.

We inherit these superstitions from our forefathers.Villagers associate good luck with black cats,horse shoe of finding a pin and bad luck with the howling of dogs,the spilling of salt,the number thirteen and walking under a ladder.

It’s ignorance and lack of knowledge which give birth to superstitions.That is why people have more believe in quacks than in doctors and medicines.They prefer to make die their beloved ones than to take them to doctors.People don’t drink milk after eating fish,they think that they’ll get skin disease all over their bodysuperstitions2

Only education can eradicate the superstitions from the world.As knowledge is inversely proportional to superstitions.Knowledge increases superstitions decreases and vice versa.The advancement in the scientific knowledge has removed our irrational superstitions and fears.

Rabiya Butt