Chashm-e-Tar Ka Alam Har Pal

Aik Khamoshi Si Chai Dil Per

Har Qadam Ki Chaap Per

Har Ahat Ky Sath Sath

Guman Hota Tum Aay Ho

 Dil Me Yadon Ky Kanty chubty

Or Chashm-E-Tar Ka Alam Har Pal

Lab Hain Khamosh Sy

Lafzo Ki Mala By Ma’ani Jesy

Rooh Py Chai Aik Verani

Rooth Gai Jesy Duniya Sari

Tu Hi Tu Hai Ander Bahir

Sanso Me,Dharkan Me

Teri Hi Khushbo Basi

Tu Hi Tu Hai Mujh Py Chaya

Ya Rab Sun Len Duaen Dil Ki.

Ho Kisi Pal Wo Guman Mery Robroo

Or Chashm-E-Tar Ka Alam Har Pal


Rabiya Butt 🙂


Food Challenge

I always think that mother is a very special gift of the God for us.She do every thing and fulfill all our desires without taking care of her own-self.I don’t know what she add in her dishes that I can’t feel that taste even in a cook’s dishes.Simply she is a blessing to me.

I’m a girl but remain too busy all the day.So,can’t do cooking (secret is that I don’t know to make food except noodles and some items which I like the most).Reading is my hobby and even when exams over I collect a lot of stuff on historical an Islamic topics and then,my mom call me book worm get rid of these books and my reply one minute just came and that one minute always take an hour.hahahaha

The thing which forces me to leave my seat and books is the temptating smell of Biryani.My favorite food items are:-

  1. chicken biryani
  2. dahi baary
  3. pasta
  4. seek kabab
  5. noodles
  6. white chicken korma
  7. bean salad and chat
  8. afghani rice

Now,you know about my favorite dishes.Whenever my exams start she tries her best to make all of them for me because mostly I forget to eat any thing in exams.hahahaha basic problem of every student.As the title  seems it’s a challenge but I didn’t take it as a challenge just for fun.

Anyway,I have been challenged by a very cute person whose Blogs I always enjoy  Saiz.It’s his post 


  1. You have to tell the person who is nominating you what is your favorite food?
  2. You have to write your feelings not the recipe.
  3. You have to add the picture of the dish.
  4. Nominate 7 more persons for the challenge.

My Favorite Dish:Chicken Biryani

images (6)

I think a cook can’t make a better food than my mom because he can’t add such love in his dishes as my mom can.Whenever I come from college simply goes towards the kitchen and hug my mom and says what you make in the lunch.She kissed me on my forehead and say what you want to eat and my answer is as usual noodles.haahahahahaha (phir aik nazr gusy wali kuch or bhi kha liya kro hahahaa love that moment.itna mza kbhi ni aa skta jitna unky hath sy khilay aik niwaly me hota hai)

Simply you can say that a mother is the best love ever who even angry with me but care for my food.

My Feelings:

Whenever that temptating smell of biryani come to me less than a minute a leave my seat and go in the kitchen and asked her Ohh really is it biryaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….hahahaha I want it spicy always and she make it always very tasty.(My mouth filled with water once again hahaha).Atleast 2 plates can easily eaten by me when lunch is biryani.Whatever the mood I have but it’s smell changes my mood into a very happy mood.I think I’m still a kid.

The Nominees are:

  1. Imran Ali from
  2. Hammad Rais from
  3. Akhila from Word and Notion
  4. Kally from Middleme
  5. Rebecca Dawn from Prince charming is not here
  6. Sumit from SumitOfficial’s blogs
  7. Hell’e Chante from

I hope you like my award and accept my challenge sooner..Best of luck..Stay blessed.

Rabiya Butt 🙂

Desire For The Moon

If you desire ,desire for the moon,If you fall ,you’ll fall among the stars.

images (4)

More than 6 billion people are present in this world.Every minute 180 new born take breath in the air of this world.Now,you can better imagine by your-self how populated the world is ???

Scientist discovered that at the very beginning of science that Sun is stationary and Earth is revolving around it and it’s own axis.Then, a new theory came that there are also present eight more planets revolve around the Sun.They all have their own revolving moon may be one  or more in numbers.Then a new discovery discovered by scientist that numerous galaxies like our are present in this universe.

Now , for a minute imagine our galaxy in non-countable galaxies,then our planet Earth in which life exist and then our country ,our city,our home in this universe.

In order to succeed you desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

We all are born for a reason.Nothing is useless in this world.We have to find out the cause of our birth,identify our-selves and then struggle hard to achieve our goals.I think an ambition for life gives you a right direction to live.Do you think that you have any worth in front of the huge universe??Certainly not…….


Our life span is like a flower as it blossom and then wither.Time is the thing which never wait for any-body.It goes on with its speed whether you like or not.Set a goal for your-self and do your best to achieve it.Aimless life is useless.The motive of you life is not to follow a daily routine as you do your ordinary work and then die….This is not life in actual.Many persons born in this world live their lives like this.The question is ,do you like this way of life???what is the thing which causes difference in between you and this world???

You have to do something extra-ordinary,something un-common,un-usual which makes the difference.Do you want to lost in the crowd of this world???Do you want to lost your identity in-front of others???I think No-one wants this….

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve not by the desire to beat others.

As in my blogs I often mention that nothing is impossible in world.You can do every thing which you wants as you just have to compile your courage and say yes to it…..

You have to do it now not later as your future is created by what you can today not tomorrow.Don’t waste your life in hesitation or doing worthless activities.Do some-thing rocking which may shock the world.If you are born ordinary it’s not your fault but if you die ordinary it’s your fault.

Your name should be in the list of those who are alive in the history of the world and in the hearts of people even after a time span of centuries.As death of your body is eternal but death of your passion and name is not…Give some-thing stunning to the world.We all have abilities to do some-thing extra-ordinary.You’ll like the taste of your success after a lot of struggle .

Striving for success without hard-work is like trying to harvest where you have not planted.

images (5)

Rabiya Butt 🙂

Help Others

Man is called ”Crown Of Creations”.Allah blessed him with the light of knowledge and thinking ability.This world is like  garden and we are all flowers here.Some flowers are full of fragrance and beauty which actually shows the purity of heart and soul.While some are dull in color and smell-less that actually shows contamination of evil-hood among them-selves.

Human beings are superior to all other creations because of their feelings and emotions.We can feel our pain and sufferings,our problems.But why we can’t feel the pain of others???Why we close our eyes on others sufferings???Is it superiority???Is this humanity???

We can see many people in our surroundings.Some of them even not known to us but a sudden meeting with them please us or disturb us.

Success is nothing to do what you gain in life or accomplish for your-self.It’s what you do for others.(Danny Thomas)

There are three types of persons in this world.First of all those who are too selfish,only feels their own sufferings and troubles.They think that they are miserable.They always cut a sorry figure towards their life because they never show contentment.They want more and more because of their greedy nature.

Secondly,those who can see the pain and problems of others but never do any-thing to resolve or help others.I may call them a fair-weather friend.

images (2)

Thirdly,those who can see and feel the pains and sufferings of others.Make them their own headache and try to resolve them whether they have the ability to do that or not…These type of persons have pure heart and soul.The world may call them fool but in actual they are much intelligent than all of them.

If you resolve other’s problems today,Allah will resolve yours.You’ll get an un-deniable peace of heart and mind.You’ll always remain calm and keen in all situations as there i no problem to you.You’ll become that flower of this garden who always remain pretty and full of fragrance.

Be a beacon of light in some-ones darkness.


Always remember that if a flower wrinkled or died ,it never loses it’s smell.Even if some-one plucked it from the twig ,it lasts it’s smell on one’s hands.

When I see that kind of persons,my heart fill with respect and love or them.A lot of prayers arise from the depth of my heart for those who not only hide their own tears for other’s smile but also wipe other’s tears.They are made to be called Superiors while others need to be being human.

Rabiya Butt 🙂

I’m Back

Hey bloggers,I’m back at blogging.I were busy in my exams and some other activities of life.But every passing day,I miss blogging.I don’t know when and why writing becomes too special for me.As it has a charm in itself,an attraction that magnets you towards itself.I love blogging.

I don’t know when I start writing.I wrote many experiences of my life on a blank paper or in my diary.Now ,I put my feelings ,observations and emotions towards life and world in my blogs.

I’m a student of chemistry but have a very childish attitude.Persons see me first time thinks that I’m a very naughty girl.My near and dear ones think that I’m like a kid.Even my teacher call me as dolly.

I want to be a kid always not want to grow up.It does not mean I don’t know anything about life or its sufferings.I know every thing but when i see a big smile on other’s face as they see me doing such childish activities.

I’m highest scorer of my college,also take part in many social activities,give tuition to my students and at the end do my own studies and blogging.I also do sketching,poetry,novel writing and read a lot of book as it’s my hobby.Only four hours are available to me for a whole sleep but nobody guess that I’m restless from a long time because always has a smile and do naughty activities.

It’s a world which may give company to a smiling man but never wet their eyes with other’s pain.Life is given to you just once.So,enjoy it and do whatever you want to do.Never think what others thought about you.They are all busy in their own lives and do not have sufficient time to think about you.

Live your life,your dreams,not live your fears.Achieve your goals and touch the moon of your wishes.

Rabiya Butt 🙂12468233_912282492187707_653716543_n

Be Polite And Spread Happiness

When a baby born in this world,he is a symbol of purity.Therefore,he may called an angel.Would you ever think that what is the main difference which makes him angel at the very beginning and makes him devil at the end???

It’s a harsh reality of this world that people feel charm in sins.As sins have some kind of attraction that magnets towards them-selves.Anyhow,I’m not here to discuss about right or wrong,virtue or sin etc.Every person is blessed with a heart and mind.He can better understand about his circumstances and reforming.

You were born with the ability to change some ones life.So,don’t waste it.


There is already a lot of sufferings present in this world.This life is too short for hate.You can never win a heart by harshness or hate or you can never attain goodness by showing  wrong attitude.We all have to die in this world one day.

As death is a harsh reality and its immoral.It’s like a black camel which kneels before every door. Would you ever like that wording for you by your fellows on your death ,”Thanks to God finally he died.”??? Certainly not.

If you want to hate then hate with the sins not with the man.Which kind of circumstances face by you or in which situation you are entangle is not known by others or strangers.When you add a smile on your face and politeness in your words and tones,It may also bring a smile on other’s face.

Politeness cost nothing and gains every thing.


Perhaps he feels happy in your company and forget about his problems for some time.What you can actually give to any body ??May be nothing…But you can give a pure big smile and a pack of happiness.If you can’t give some body a smile then,you can certainly do a hing that not to give him tears in eyes.

Love your own and other’s life,love humanity.I think you’ll definitely feel a peace which soothes your heart,mind and soul,that peace can give you real joy.You’ll feel the real means of happiness.

Be polite.Trading insult and derogatory remarks only creates unnecessary incidents.Keep you cool and be nice.

It’s a bit try to convey a message.May be I’m not too mature or perfect at blogging but I have definitely a heart that feels the pains of others and eyes whom get wet by seeing the sufferings of the world.Perhaps,I may not give much to others but surely can spread happiness and smiles on other’s faces and you can also do the same.Would not you?????

Rabiya Butt.. 🙂