More humans less humanity

Last Saturday, I was in my college van and struck in the heavy traffic. That was my exam week and I was in hurry to reach at home and do preparations for my next exam that was of Botany and a lot of stuff was there to study. I was thinking a lot of things at the same time as I was planning my time table according to the syllabus. My eyes were moving restlessly here and there but there was something outside the window, something that filled my heart with pain and my eyes with tears. I could not keep control on myself and left the van with great hurry and reached at the spot.

You may think that what was outside that shocked me. When I was seeing outside, I have a glance at two children. Boy and a small girl with him. That boy was about four feet in height and mal-nutritious in appearance as I can count his ribs bones at a distance without any difficulty because he was shirtless and in a small shorts. His feet were shoeless and filthy with dirt.

He was searching something in the dustbin. You can see many children of six-sixteen years with a garbage bag on their back at roads and in streets of our cities and towns. These bags are heavier and large than their own-selves. As I was thinking that small boy was also searching some plastic bags or other stuff in that garbage but I was stunned at the sight.

I’m almost speechless to describe that scene in words. I may capture that scene but I was certainly helpless to capture that pain.

That boy put his hands in the filthy dustbin and when he put them out, there were some rotted bananas in his hands .He gave that completely spoiled bananas to the girl and said her to eat them. I left my van and reached to him in no time. I asked him that why were he giving that rotten bananas to that girl?

He told me that she was hungry and he was her brother. I was shocked, it was all beyond my tolerance. My eyes teemed-up with tears. I said him not to eat that rotten bananas. I saw a hawker selling fresh bananas there. As I moved towards that vendor to buy few bananas for that siblings but when I saw back at the road there was nobody at the road. A great hustle and bustle of traffic and humans were there but they were lost in the crowd.

I was feeling at that time as I’m living in a world which have billions of human beings but lost humanity. The matter of thought is that the future of the nation have not much importance than that dustbin.

Are not we standing on the verge of chaos once again?

Are we forget about the anger of Almighty Lord on past nations?

Are we still able to call civilized human beings?

And how many flowers  will ruin in this cruel world?

It’s a time to thought about that we are moving towards destruction gradually.

Rabiya Butt..


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