Ramazan Mubarik

There is no doubt all months have their own importance and significance but as the name of RAMAZAN  come to my mind , a very  peaceful and charming picture of life appear at the screen of mind. Ramadan-ul-mubarik is the most holy month of the Islamic calendar. This month has its own importance  and blessings. It’s very dear to every Muslim in the world .

Ramadan is that month when the Holy book of Muslims ‘’QURAN’’  revolutionized on the Holy Prophet (salalaho alaihi wasalam).It’s that month when Muslims can get the Divine blessings .Muslims do fasting for  the whole of the month as before the sun rise they do  ‘’SEHRI’’ a type of breakfast  and then  do ‘’AFTARI’’ after sun set with the call of prayer MAGHRIB .They remain hungry and thirsty all the day for the willingness of Allah Almighty.

Before the promulgation of Islam, Fast was a part of many religions. Jews do fasting , Christians do fasting before Ester ,Hindus do fasting as they call it ‘’WARAT’’. There are some facts about fasting for a month as:

  • First of all, it’s a way to know the miseries, hardships of those poor and needy people who are present in our surroundings but we never ever have any kind of concern about them in our daily routine life.
  • Secondly, It’s a way to go near to them and know them more closely more deeply. There are some persons who don’t have enough food to make both ends meal .It’s a very good chance to observe their pains and sufferings.
  • Thirdly, It’s a way to enhance one’s patience .one have to tolerate things which one’s don’t like or want in one’s life.
  • It’s not only a name to restrain your-self from eating or drinking anything. As Almighty Lord don’t want our hunger or thirst. He observe our love, patience and obediency for His orders.
  • During fasting, one restrain one’s self from doing all those things which Allah Almighty don’t like .One consider many ‘’HALAL ‘’ things on one’s self as HARAM for the sake of Allah during fast.
  • It’s a good chance to produce humbleness and sovereignty .Its a chance to awake the slept humanity in our selves.
  • You have a pocket book full of money ,even if you are a millionaire ,you are not allowed to eat anything during fast or you can’t do anything which hurts some-one.You have to bear things and produce tolerance in your-self just for the sake of you Lord.
  • It’s a kind of Jahad (war) between you and your heart.It’s an exam of your firm determination and strong faith on Allah Almighty.

You are alone and no one is present around you to see your acts but even then you have to control your-self thinking that Allah is always present with you.You’re not fasting to show the world but you are keeping your fast to agree your God ,to attain His blessings and willings.

We are present on dining table before ten-fifteen minutes about AFTAAR ,your tongue ,lips and throat is dry completely as you want just one drop of water which is present in front of you but you are not willing to touch anything .you don’t want to do corruption with your fast even for only for a minute ,you just wait for the sound ALLAHO AKBAR with patience and at that moment you realize the value of those countless blessings which you never ever care for.Isn’t it?

It’s not only a month of patience and tolerance but also a month of love, care, blessings and to feel the sufferings of others. It’s a month of humanity. It’s not only a month but also a chance to realize the things and sufferings which we can’t realize with our filled bellies.It’s a month to spread happiness and smiles on other’s face when you do charity (I’ll write about ZAKAT soon)

It’s not wrong to say that faith and humanity is not completely vanish from the world . Just a question arise in my mind  why all the months are not Ramadan ???? What do you think about that???

Ramazan mubaril to all of you.May Allah bless all of us with His divine blessings and give us a chance to be thankful to Him… ameen..


Rabiya Rizwan Butt ❤